NEXSTAND™ K2 Laptop Stand Portable Adjustable Eye-Level Ergonomic for Apple MacBook PC Laptop

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NexStand K2 Laptop Stand is an ultra portable, super lightweight laptop stand that transforms your laptop into an ergonomic desktop workstation. 
The K2 is incredibly strong despite its small size, which is so lightweight and portable, you will actually want to take it with you everywhere.

K2 elevates your laptop screen 6" to 10" off the desk to an ergonomic height.
Use it with a portable Bluetooth keyboard and external mouse (sold separately), and you can now create and Ergonomic Workstation anywhere you travel. 

Brand Name NexStand
Model Number K2
Materail PVC
Dimension 14 x 1.5 1.5 inch
Weight 8 ounces
Weight-Bearing Up to 20lbs
Positions 7
Package included:
1 x NEXSTAND K2 Laptop Stand
1 x Nylon Carring Sleeve
1 x Kraft Paper Box
2 x Spacers
1 x Manual